#Blog17 A long way from home part 2

Firstly, sorry for the delay in publishing this blog on the second half of my racing trip out in Canada. I have been out in the Czech Republic racing my first UCI Womens Elite road Tour (The Tour De Feminin). I do apologise but I was somewhat busy…Stay tuned for my next blog which will be all about the chaotic race! you wont want to miss it.

Anyways back to Canada,

Mardi Lachine Criterium

This was by far one of the coolest races I’ve ever done in my life! I did not realise how much the people of Canada loved cycling. The race was a town center crit but there was permanent road markings for the race that took place every Tuesday night. There was also a permanent start/finish gantry. This race was again in Montreal so a 4 hour round trip but it was certainly worth it.

One side of the start finish line was filled with team gazebos for warm up as well as business tents, rocket espresso were there as well as a truck which was a mobile bike shop! The other side on the start finish straight there were grand stands that were full of locals who had come out to watch the race, obviously this made for an amazing atmosphere along with music blaring and the live commentator for all the races.

The youth mens race was incorporated into the women’s race which meant for a really high paced and exciting race as all the boys endlessly tried to drop the fast women and evidently failed, which I could tell made them furious, especially when my team mates and I took turns attacking them to make them work even harder. The result of this was that the race was 10 minutes faster than the week before. This came to a shock for a lot of riders as it was blowing an absolute gale with a block head wind into the finish.

As we came into the closing stages of the race the breakaway had come back for a select front bunch kick to the finish. Myself and a couple of my team mates had made it into the group and they were doing a great job of a leading me into the finish. Unfortunately in the second last corner I hit the curb, didn’t come off but I lost the girls and there was no way of coming back from that. On the bright side though my final lead out girl managed to hold on to third after a long headwind sprint to the finish. It was good to still get a result even though the plan didn’t quite come together.

Mardi Lachine was unfortunately the final race of my trip out in Canada, at least we finished on a high! Thanks again to Brent and Anthony for the opportunity and for putting up with me for the duration of the trip.

Tourist time!

Thanks to Anthony’s daughter kat for being an amazing tour guide around downtown Ottawa! Being cyclists the sight-seeing tour quickly turned into a food tour…

We got to try some awesome Canadian delicacies such as Beaver Tales, which is basically a large flat donut covered in heavenly toppings;  Reeces Pieces, Nutella, cinnamon sugar and the list went on. Aswell as Beaver Tales we got to try the infamous Poutine,  which is chips, cheese curds and gravy for those of you who have been living under a rock…I know this might be a bit controversial with all the hype that’s around Poutine but in my opinion It wasn’t that great…sorry Canada.

Kat had grown up in Ottawa so she knew all the great places to go that only the locals would know, she took us to this ice cream place called Sweet Jesus. It most definitely lived up to its name. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

That marks the end of my once in a life time trip to Canada. However going home was made a little sweeter as on the day of my return flight it was torrential rain so the thought of riding in that was abysmal so it wasnt all bad!

Thanks again to Genevieve Whitson for making this trip happen 🙂

Also thanks to my parents and Alan Dalziel Mctimoney Chiropractor as I couldn’t have got there without you guys.

As always thanks to Billy Bilsland Cycles for the amazing race bike and the loan of the bike box.

Missing my team mates and the hosts Brent and Anthony already, hopefully see you next year!

Onto the next one

Thanks for reading,



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