#Blog 15 Triple Champion

For the first time in 4 years I have managed to have an uninterrupted winter block of training, well from injury anyways, I did still manage to get ill. however it was the best winter I’ve had in a long time and  it definitely paid off.

One of my major goals for the 2018 season was to win as many Scottish championship titles as  I could across road and time trial, so far I’ve got 3.

CTT Scottish 10 mile TT championships

The first of the championships was held at the end of April at the west ferry course which is luckily only about 30 mins from my house. although it wasnt as much of an easy run in as you’d think as I had the opening round of the Scottish national women’s road race series the day before which was up north in Aberdeen which is a healthy three hours away from my house and to make things that wee bit more difficult it was a one day stage race therefore it was a very long day with a late finish meaning i got back home less than 12 hours before my start time for the tt the next day which was just after 8am.

Race day

5:45am wake up call followed by my favourite race prep food, nutella porridge, made the early start a little bit more bearable…with emphasis on the little.

My legs were feeling pretty heavy from the day before so I knew that it was going to be extra tough to smash out a good time. With it being a championship race there is always that extra bit of motivation which seemed to get me through.

Even though it wasnt a new PB or anything I was still fastest on the day and that’s all that matters, even with having to stop at the first roundabout for a car to pass and having sore legs. That is what truly made the victory sweet.

Id like to say thank you to the Glasgow Nightingale cycling club for putting on such a well run event, I really enjoyed it!

Scottish National 10 mile time trial championships

For 2018 the championships were held in true Scottish time trial territory way up north in Invergordon, the furthest north ive ever been! felt stage driving 4 hours for a race and it was in Scotland.

The course was pretty a classic out and back on the A9. The weather however made it pretty challenging  since the out leg was longer than the return leg and of course just with my luck it was a 20kmph head wind for the long outward leg. Therefore resulting in one of my worst 10 mile tt times ever! at first I was so disappointed in myself and really thought id blew it but when I got back to the strip and saw the times I was shocked to see that I had taken the win. it was only then I realised how brutal the weather was.

My dad and I were pretty gutted that it wasnt a nicer day since we came such a long way and it was currently 9:30 in the morning and I had finished racing.

But hey ho it was well worth it, another championship under the belt.

A quick stop at Fort William down hill world cup track on the way home was pretty cool though.

Again thanks to the organisers for putting on such a great event.

Scottish National Road race championships

When it was announced that the junior national road race championships were going to be held in Lanark just 40 mins from my house and I had a podium on this course the year before I was pretty excited.

Race day

It was looking to be a pretty overcast and cold day on the bike…untill the race started and as if by magic all the clouds cleared and the sun beamed down on us, i even had to take my arm warmers off in Scotland.

The race began and so did the carnage. Crash in the neutral section and then as soon as the car pulled of and the race was truly underway we turned onto this mud road and it looked as if we had all done a cyclocross race and this was all within the first 5 miles.

After that however the racing was pretty negative. I and a few other riders tried many attacks but the other big names in the bunch would just chase us down then sit up and ride round at cafe pace. Very frustrating. Still at least it was sunny.

Inevitably the race came down to a bunch sprint and I was being targeted by a group of women to stop me getting onto the favourites wheel and after I got myself out of the box three times on the fourth the favourite launched her sprint just as they got me so i got my elbows out and pushed my way through. I made up some serious ground but after it was a headwind uphill finish so after being exposed for so long it just wasnt enough.

On the other hand I did still win the National Junior champs and managed to still get a podium in the women’s so wasnt exactly a bad day out.

After all I did realise that my front brake was locked on after the finish. so that put my confidence up a bit! and it was pretty cool to have people deliberately having to box me in order to beat me.

All in all a great day was had, a win and the tan lines were topped up so what more do you want.

A big thanks to East Kilbride road club and most of all Sean Gordon for putting on such a great event.

Sadly I couldn’t make it four titles after not being able to make it to the crit champs to defend my title from last season at the weekend but happy that it went to one of my team mates!

Massive thanks to my dad for taking me to the races and as always thanks to Billy Bilsland cycles for the awesome race kit.

Next stop Canada for some more bike racing!

Thanks for reading,



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