#blog6 Early July update 

I apologise that I haven’t posted anything in a while, however I have recently raced closed to home in the Scottish National RR series and down south in the Bourne Wheelers Junior RR
Scottish RR series – Mortage Hub Trophy 

On a typical Scottish Summer day, which was especially windy, we set off for a 50mile road race in the hills of Lanark.

The strong winds caused the race to blow apart a mere 5 miles into the race. A break away of two formed a couple of miles after the enitial split.

Due to the adverse weather conditions I felt that it was too soon to make my move and stayed in the group and let the break go thinking it would come back.

I had a teammate in the chasing group with me so her and I and a couple of others managed to hold the gap at around one minute for the majority of the race.

Unfortunately due to a lot of negative riding in the group in the last 10 miles meant that the break stayed away.

At this point I quickly changed my aim for the race from going for the win to winning the bunch kick for third. As this was a junior and senior women’s race I would normally struggle to win a flat finish as of my restricted junior gears. Luckily the finish was a slight uphill and into a head wind which effectively played to my strengths.

I used the terrain to my advantage and convincingly won the bunch sprint for third. Helped by a lead out from my team mate.

Even though it wasn’t a win I was very happy with my result as this was the best I have felt in a long time since my unfortunate injury at the beginning of the year.
Bourne Wheelers Junior RR 

Since I was in the midlands it was somewhat different weather to Scotland…I came back like a tomato.

Another 50 mile race was on the cards. This race was action packed from the start, attacks were flying the whole race and constant pace changes and crashes it was totally manic but so much fun!

Luckily for me I missed all the crashes, for the people who know me personally will understand that this is an achievement for me…

A-midst all the chaos I managed to score third place in one of the QOM sprints.

The race calmed down with 1.5laps to go and everyone began to look at each other but of course the last feed was as mental as usual and unfortunately I missed my gel due to riders getting in the way. However I Managed to get one from of my team mates.

I was glad I got this as I definetly needed it. The last lap of the race went back to chaos for the first half then with 3 miles to go the race winning attack went which was a solo attack by my team mate. Therefore the job from me and the rest of the girls was to block the peloton as much as we could. The Liv Epic team put up a good fight but it wasn’t quite enough and our team managed to bag the win!

Even though I had not got my hands in the air myself the satisfaction of the team work paying off was just as good.

This was my favourite race of the year by far! So happy for the team to get its first win of the year.

Roll on the British Road Race Championships tomorrow.

I’d like to thank my dad for getting me to the races as always and Colin Batchilor for being an amewsome team manager ✌🏼

Also Sports Aid for allowing me to have the finances to make the trip possible

And of course Billy Bilsland Cycles for all the help and especially the new Fizik shoes to ride in, they were bliss.

Thanks for reading!



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