#blog4 Scottish Women’s road series Round 1 and Scottish National 10TT championships 

Unfortunately both the Sharon Argue stage race and the Scottish National 10 TT championships had to be placed on the same day which meant a very busy day for me!

Scottish National 10 TT championships 

The day started off with a five am alarm in order to make it on time for my 8:04am start time for the time trial. An expresso and some porridge and Nutella was much needed to keep me awake!

Due to some unfortunate emergency road works my start time continued to be delayed many times which caused me to carry out three warm ups on the rollers and I had gotten up at five in the morning for no reason which was gutting.

The course was in Freuchie in Fife and it was a fast one. The start was on a particularly large hill which would seem like an advantage but my junior restricted gears thought otherwise.

Considering I haven’t got much time trial experince I am happy to say I finished third behind two older girls and I got a 50second PB so I can’t complain.

It was now time to rest and refuel for the first stage of the Sharon Argue which was a Hilly TT.

Sharon Argue stage 1 TT 

It was at this point I started to doubt myself and my decision to ride all three events in one day.

My legs were feeling very bad for this TT but I got through it and I ended up finishing right in the middle of the standings, which was a lot better than I thought.

Due to my late start time so I could make it in time from the Championships that morning I only had 30min till the start of stage 2 once I’d finished my warm down.

Sharon Argue stage 2 Road Race 

Despite feeling absolutely rubbish before the start of the race I managed to ride into it and as soon as we were out of the neutral section I was back to feeling good again. I think the caffeine gel I had before that start had a great deal to do with the come back.

I was feeling good throughout the whole race and I managed to stay in the front group and be active till the final climb up to the finish where cramp got the better of me, it was 25 degrees after all and I’m Scottish…I still managed to finish 5th junior and Team 22 were second team on the day including the seniors.

but overall an amazing day was had and I really surprised myself with how well I coped with all the events and that I was feeling strong in all three

Finally I would like to say a massive thankyou to Billy Bilsland Cycles for the love of the amazing wheels for the time trial and for keeping my Ridley JaneSL road bike in check and working smoothly for the race.

Pictures from, Harry Tweed and Gary Enever

Also I’d like to thank my dad for rushing me around everywhere all day, means a lot.

And on to the North West Junior Tour,

Thanks for reading –

Ellie Park


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